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Author Cathy L. Patrenos

Current Release –  The Silk Road Score

Cathy L Patrenos

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My next novel The Splendor and Chaos of Africa – a memoir will be released in 2025.

About my next book: THE SPENDOR AND CHAOS OF AFRICA – a memoir

In her soon to be released memoir, Cathy L. Patrenos shares her 1970’s yearlong African journey. Venturing through the continent in a British army truck with a bunch of strangers, who soon became wonderful companions, was a life-changing experience, compelling her to grow spiritually and as a person in general. Friendships developed and although it hadn’t been her intention, she found love… or at least what she thought at the time might be love. Africa was a magical yet unforgiving place with countries steeped in history and folklore. Over the months the group encountered remarkable and unique wildlife, souls occupying vast and diverse territories, exotic beauty, and at times hardship and danger, which required pursuing alternate plans and routes. Parts of Africa were unpredictable and on the verge of chaos: borders closing, presidents being assassinated, wars breaking out, and dictators like Idi Amin becoming increasingly hostile, which made overland adventure travel even more challenging.

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